[FanAccount] 130217 Kim Jaejoong – Your, My and Mine Mini-Concert and Fanmeeting in Thailand

[FanAccount] 130217 Kim Jaejoong – Your, My and Mine Mini-Concert and Fanmeeting in Thailand

Date and Time: 17th Feb, 2013 – 5.00-8.00 pm.
Venue: BITEC exhibition hall (106)
This fanmeeting and concert came on such a short notice. I guessed that why the seats weren’t completely sold out (despite gazillions of news articles saying they were). The choice of the venue was strange as well – not the usual Royal Paragon hall or the occasional Impact Arena, but they opted for BITEC exhibition hall. It’s pretty hard to commute to and not many shopping malls or restaurants located near by. I’m not complaining, though. I’m just really REALLY glad I got to see Jaejoong ^^
Came to the venue pretty early as always. I noticed that fans who came early were mostly i-fans from Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Japan. I quickly got in line for the official goods before it got too crowded and bought my lightstick. After that, I was first in line at the poster and ticket pick-up point.
While I was waiting for the staff to set up their poster and ticket booth. One of the male staff was waving a heart-shaped lollipop at me teasingly. I felt a little weirded out… Why would I be excited over a piece of candy? LOL (at the point, I didn’t know that it’ll be a Valentine’s gift from JJ). I managed to book a fairly decent seat. Little did I know that the Kim Family (parents and two sisters) will be sitting 2 rows right in front of me! I can see Papa Kim’s facial expression during the entire FM and concert – SERIOUSLY. Am I super lucky or what?
The fanmeeting started only about 5 minutes late. The MC for this FM is DJ Bo Thanakorn. He’s really adorable and funny! Jaejoong walked on stage in cool gray coats over a white wife-beater. The MC quickly got us into the first segment: Q&A. JJ will picked questions from post-it notes that fans wrote on the board before the event. JJ cheekily asked “I can’t read Thai. What if I pick a question that I don’t want to answer?”. The MC replied “Then I’ll let you whisper the answer in my ears first. I’ll be the one passing on the answer to fans” LOL
1st: I want to see Jaejoong does 3 animals dance
JJ: … I promise to learn the elephants dance… and show it to you next time *cues fan whining* XD
MC: Alright, alright. I’ll do it instead. (Then he did a funny elephant dance)
2nd: Would you marry me?
JJ: I can’t answer because I don’t know what she looks like. Looks kind of matter, you know >.<
The MC started looking at questions on the board. He suddenly said “I have got to read this one out loud! “Jaejoong, do you know what ‘poverty’ is?” – Literal translation is rice-husk. It meant to refer to a Thai proverb for ‘The poor will have to eat rice-husk instead of rice. Fans meant to tease JJ for the much spent money on his FM and albums! XD
The 3rd question, I believe, was in korean. “Can you kiss me?” or something of that sort. JJ said “Marrying would be difficult, but a kiss… definitely!”, He walked over to the camera and promptly kissed it!! We all die screaming.
Next up is XO game. Prize will be a handshake with JJ up on stage.
1st Q: the first day JJ came back on twitter is 3rd Dec? Wrong.
2nd Q: JJ was wearing a white underwear yesterday? – Wrong.
Then, the MC saw that a lot of people got the questions right, he eliminated fans who weren’t wearing a watch on their right wrists instead.
3rd Q: JJ’s favorite Thai food? A: Pad Thai
4th Q: Place in Thailand that JJ wants to go to the most? A: Siam square (most popular teens hang-out spot)
5th Q: who does JJ miss the most right now? Choices: 1) JS 2) YC 3) Jiji 4) his parents – JJ said he misses Jiji the most because he just saw his parents on weekends and met JS&YC;twice last week. He hasn’t seen Jiji in months!
8 lucky fangirls were left standing. They got up on stage. JJ put headbands with red horns on their heads and shook hands with them ^^
The next game was rock-paper-scissors. I lost on the second turn 😦 While I was looking to see how many others were still standing, I saw that Jaejoong’s mom was still standing as well. She’s the only one in the family still winning over Jaejoong. Papa was clapping and sisters were cheering her on. It was too adorable for words. His mom finally lost on the next turn. Aww~
5 fans who won rock-paper-scissors got to go up on stage and arm-wrestles with JJ. He mostly faked defeat XD I mean, c’mon, they were little girls. The last one was a funny ahjumma fan. She pretended to faint a little at first, but managed to win arm-wrestling and then bend over to kiss Jaejoong’s wrist on the table! Jaejoong were laughing uncontrollably XD
Last game was charades. Three lucky fans were randomly picked. One fans was from Malaysia and the words were written in Thai, so we had a little problem, but the MC did a good job of helping her out ^^ The words for charades were super-duber hard… Like an old province that used to be Thailand’s capital city O_o I’d probably die trying to act out the words. The winner of charades got a necklace. Jaejoong put it on her himself and hugged her ^^
After that, it was break-time. They played MINE MV on screen while Jaejoong disappeared backstage. He changed his outfit to an all-black T-shirt and jacket ^^ The MC sequed into cooking time. Jaejoong put on a flowery apron over his shirt. He’ll be making rapokki and 2 lucky fans were randomly picked to go up on stage for tasting.
Jaejoong said that the taste might not be a ‘100-percent Jaejoong’ because most of the stuff was pre-made by staff members. Jaejoong poured a TON of corn syrup in rapokki. He said the sweeter the better! While he was adding fish cakes, hard-boiled eggs and sausages, MC made a dirty joke about eggs and sausages >///< JJ: We have 16 year-old minors here!! (lucky fans on stage were two 16-year-old girls). After he finished cooking, Jaejoong used to chopsticks to feed lucky fans. The food came from a boiling-hot pot. She told him to blow on it to cool down first and he did >_< They said it was too sweet but delicious~
The last segment of the fanmeeting was ‘Paparazzi’. Jaejoong showed us photos he’s never revealed before. The first two photos were selcas at the airport. The third was photo of him and Yihan playing arcade games in Busan together. The fourth one was Jaejoong naked in a bathtub! – He said the bathtub photo was taken by a fellow actor while he was filming Dr.Jin. The fifth (and last) one was JJ topless selca in bed with blanket scrunched up around his chest. He said there are even sexier photos, but he can’t reveal them here… JJ: perhaps on twitter later? LOL
Jaejoong ended the fanmeeting part with a wheeled out cart decorated with lollipops arranged to look like a giant heart. He said he has prepared Valentine’s gifts for everyone – 5,000 heart-shaped lollipops!!! ^^ Jaejoong suddenly acted all serious when he said the next segment will be the mini-concert that he will put all his heart and energy into. He said he hoped fans will enjoy it. When he went backstage to prepare, a skit video with Yuchun’s voice as narration (the same one as concert in Seoul) was played. It was really funny and fans were laughing their heads off XD
The concert started with full-on power. Great visuals with lighting effect and live band in the back. After that… I went speechless from his amazing vocal. I wasn’t even waving my lightstick. I just sat there… stunned. Seriously, I wished I could explain more about what a talented singer and performer he was, but my mind went completely blank during the concert. I didn’t know how I managed to walk out of the hall… after the last song ended and he was walking from one end of the stage to the other, bowing and saying thank you and goodbye. I forgot everything. I dropped my bags while walking and frantically waving my hands at him… being lost for words.
I’m beyond impressed with his performance and this precious memory will stay with me for a long LONG time.
Credit: Lookkaew_SK
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