[FanAccount] 120916 Yuchun Fanmeeting in Thailand

Venue: Royal Paragon Hall, Siam Paragon
Date: 16 September, 2012 – 6 pm.
Note: This might not be the most detailed fanaccount because I was too busy screaming to remember everything, but I’ll try write down every squee-worthy moment I can recall 🙂
Note(2): I’d like to let you know a bit about the MC of this fanmeeting. His name is Eaky. He was a former boy-band member who became a professional DJ and MC. He’s one of the funniest celebrities and also very, VERY openly gay.
The venue was the same one as Junsu’s concert in Thailand and it was right-smack downtown, so people could easily commute. Fans start gathering at the venue pretty early – some came 5-6 hours before the fanmeeting started. Personally, I’ve noticed that a lot of fans dressed as girlishly as they could – frilly skirts and full-on make-up – perhaps to impress Yuchun when they actually get the chance to be up on stage XD
The fanmeeting started 6 pm. on the dot. After the light in the hall was dimmed, a message popped up on screen. It read “Sawasdeekrub (Hello in Thai). I’ve been counting days to meet everyone here. I miss you guys a lot.” Then he came out on stage, singing “Empty Space for You”. He was wearing black cardigan with black-and-white striped scarf and dark gray pants.
After the song ended, MC came out. Yuchun said “Hello, I’m Yuchun” in Thai. MC started asking question about his recently won SDA awards. Yuchun thanked everyone for voting. He said he didn’t expect to get as much as 40,000 points. MC asked about his activities and how he’s been busy with work. Yuchun said he hasn’t really been all that busy (LOL). He said he doesn’t think that a trip to Thailand is completely work-related. Yuchun likes to call it an ‘opportunity to enjoy something with my fans’. He also said that even though his recent work was mainly on dramas, but he’s, first and foremost, a singer. He’d like to work in both fields.
Next up was Q&A from the fans time! We got to write down our questions on post-it notes before the fanmeeting started and the MC will pick 3 questions from the board.
1st question: Do you like girls with small thighs? What if I have big thighs and a good heart, will you like me?
YC: It doesn’t matter if you have big or small thighs. If you really have big thighs, you can exercise to slim down. A good heart is what really counts.
2nd question: Is Eaky (the MC) cute?
YC: Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. I wouldn’t call him cute. He’s more suitable for the word ‘handsome’ (at this point, MC started to act all buff and manly even though he’s gay… XD).
3rd question: How many kids do you want to have?
YC: It depends on my wife’s health. I would like my first kid to be a daughter. I want two daughters, but it’s too tiring to go through the process twice, so I want twin girls.
After Q&A, MC started a basketball game. Four fans was invited onto the stage. Yuchun started shooting hoop immediately… and he missed at the first attempt. MC asked him if he was just practicing and Yuchun answered “No, I’m being totally serious” XD. When the game finished, he gave signed posters to the fans and shook hands with them.
Yuchun was going backstage to change clothes after the game. MC jokingly asked the cameraman to follow Yuchun. As Yuchun was walking down the stairs and saw that a camera followed, he put his hands shyly around his chest, implying that he’s embarrassed about this spying. He put up his hands to do a X-mark indicating that cameras were not allowed in the dressing room and closed the door. The entire hall sighed in dissappointment LOL
He came back out wearing a white shirt with black collar and black jeans. Gosh, he was drop-dead gorgeous! >_< MC started asking question again. Yuchun said he likes both beer and wine (my perpetual drunkard!), but he usually drinks wine more. Yuchun also said he’s like casual clothing style. MC said he like the exact same thing, so Yuchun teasingly said… then he’ll switch to liking suits. MC trolled by saying he also likes suit sometimes. Yuchun was like… “Do I have to be naked then?” XD
Staff brought out Rooftop Prince Rangers tracksuits in all colors. Yuchun said he likes red the most. The MC put on red tracksuit and asked Yuchun to play rock-paper-scissors with him and the loser will have to dance to Gangnam Style. Yuchun won, but did a bit of dance at the ending anyway ^^
The next segment was for Yuchun to put icings (as decoration) on cookies for 12 lucky fans. The staff brought out apron for him to wear. It was a cute tiger cartoon character apron and he looked absolutely adorable! He drew a heart with pink icing onto the cookie, followed by a weird-looking face! His hands was trembling the whole time and fans were giggling about it. He was like… “Why are you guys laughing at me? >_<“. I think fans don’t actually get the ones he drew on stage though. The cookies were pre-made and wrapped nicely in boxes.
More questions about his dramas. MC asked whether he prefers historical drama or modern ones. He said he likes both and it depends on the character and not what kind of drama it is. MC told him that he had to answer the next question immediately without thinking: who do you prefer, Han Jimin or Park Minyoung? Yuchun thought for a while anyway. He answered that Rooftop Prince was just finished, so he remembered her more. He only thinks of Jimin as a noona though.
After a bit of talking, he started singing ‘That song’ while sitting on a stool. It was breath-takingly beautiful. Fans went completely silent while listening. When the song ended, staff wheeled out a long table piled with presents we’ve brought for Yuchun today. The first one he picked up was a hat sewed with letters ‘PYC’ in the front. Then a photo in the frame – it was a photo with a fangirl and himself. Yuchun asked “is this photoshopped?”. We were like… “Duh! Did you remember taking a photo with her?” LOL.
A lot of presents were unwrapped – stuff animals, a tuk-tuk model, a cell phone case, suede trousers, boxing shorts (which we screamed for him to put them on. Sadly, he didn’t), lipbalm, etc. I can’t remember them all. He said he’ll buy a big suitcase and carry all the presents back with him to Korea. At one point, he held a tuk-tuk model and said “This is nice. I want this one.”. MC was like “Dude, you don’t have to say that. These are all your presents, not mine. I just butted-in to help you unwrap” LOL
Next up with a lot of give-aways – posters and signs ‘In Heaven’ CDs. Lots of jokes were made while Yuchun was picking out the ticket-ends to draw for lucky winners. Yuchun teased the MC by asking “Why do you always talk with a big husky voice when you’re close to me and talk in a high squeaky voice when you’re further away?”. MC told the fans that it’s because he didn’t want Yuchun to know that he’s gay. Fans laughed and when the translator translated for Yuchun, his jaw dropped and his mouth hung open for like… a minute! LOL We couldn’t believe Yuchun didn’t know the MC was gay even when he was being over-the-top the entire time. Perhaps he thought it was all just an act 🙂
After that YC gave 4 of his personal belongings to 4 lucky fans. They were his black-rimmed glasses, a bright yellow digital wristwatch, a red beanie and a headphone. I looked at my watch and it’s almost 8 pm… fanmeeting about to end! >_<
Yuchun told his translator that he would miss this MC a lot when he goes back to Korea. MC said “Then we should keep in touch. How about following me on twitter? Would you be back on it again? How about Instagram?”. Yuchun thanks everyone who came to the fanmeeting. He said that he used to update about his work on twitter, but now he hopes that you can still follow his work through other means (his way of saying “no, I won’t be back on twitter”, I guess TT TT). Yuchun said he doesn’t know how long he can keep working like this. He thanked everyone for a chance to work here in Thailand today.
The fanmeeting ended and I went home on cloud nine. Every single expression on Yuchun’s face today was utterly adorable. His voice and his smiles are enough to keep us fangirls up spazzing for the whole night ^^
Credit: Lookkaew_SK

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